The horse ... A creation so beautiful, noble and graceful that no improvement could possibly be made on the Great Spirit's design. We love our horses, and we want them to know how we feel. When we go out to dance with our partners, we want them to look and feel as magnificent as we know they are.

Browbands with Bling is a one woman crusade to provide horses and the people they love with affordable, stunning adornments that complement the natural beauty of each individual horse. Whether your chosen discipline is Dressage, Jumping, Eventing, or Pony Club, we have a browband for you. 

I started making these browbands purely out of frustration. I couldn't believe what companies were charging just to buy a beautiful browband for my horse. So, I decided to take on the task of making them on my own. All of the browbands are hand made by me, using Swarovski Crystals. There are no set designs. I create the browbands just from inspiration. The browbands only come in padded form. 

My exquisite designs are carefully hand-crafted from high quality materials including, semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals, exotic metal beadwork, and much more. I specialize in one of a kind designs, making Browbands With Bling different than all the rest. Now with over 700 Swarovski stones to choose from there are endless design possibilities, and we’re here to help! We are one of the only custom Browband companies here in the USA and Overseas that offers you so many choices. The settings come in Antique Silver and Antique Gold. 

Our lovely padded Browbands range in size from Mini, Pony, Horse, Warmblood and Oversize (Custom Sizes Available) in Black and Havana Leather. The leather is very soft and supple. You can design any color or styles you desire from the more conservative styles, for an understated elegant look or over the top bling for those who really want to shine! You can also customize your own browband for no additional cost. All Browbands are $100 up to 17.5" and $110 for 17.5" and $10 per each additional inch. All browbands are guaranteed after purchase. My Products are made here in the USA of the finest leather. The Browbands are stitched and glued for durability. We do not as others, glue leather on the inside where it rubs against the Horses brow. All custom orders must be paid for in advance prior to shipping. Please allow 2-5 days to receive your items here in the USA. 

Browbands with Bling is all about designing your own embellishment for you or your horse. When looking through the website, please note that any design you see can be made into a Browband, dog collar,  belt, bracelet, stock pin, etc.

Each browband is custom made, so please call for availability. Please also call or email me with any questions. There are dozens of designs, and there are no limits. If you don't see what you’re looking for, please email me with your request and/or suggestions and I can shoot you a picture for your review. If you've purchased a browband, we encourage you to submit your picture to be added to the Gallery of Photos.


Katherine Griffon with FEI Dressage Trainer Meagan Davis.

Fall colors at Dressage at Devon

Specializing in one of a kind designs for you, your horse and your dog

Fall colors at Dressage at Devon

Browbands with Bling

Katherine Griffon with FEI Dressage Trainer Meagan Davis

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